I am a physician…As a professional health care provider, we are dedicated to the Hospice mission of providing care to improve the quality of life and preserve the dignity of our patients and their families. We are dedicated to the patient and their families to deliver excellent clinical care, that is compassionate and customized for each patient.

I am a caregiver…As a caregiver for someone you love you face many struggles. These struggles can be emotional, physical and often overwhelming. Hospice wants you to understand you don’t have to face this alone, let us be a part of your support system. We have information about resources in your community that help you provide the care your loved one needs. We want you to know that we care about you and want to provide the support you need during this time.

I am a potential patient…Living with an advance illness isn’t easy. You face things everyday that you’ve never had to deal with and often feel like you have no control over your life.  At Hospice we want to help support you in facing those challenges and making the most of everyday. We want to help, offer guidance and support when asked. We will provide information, resources, choices and options to help you regain a sense of control. If you want we can provide compassionate and understanding care to improve your quality of life.

I have lost someone…As we helped you thru the challenges and times of joy while caring for your loved one, we want to be here for you while dealing with your sadness and loss. We will continue to support and guide you thru this phase of your loss.  We want to be your partner in the acceptance and healing process. We can be as involved as you want and will continue to provide you access to resources and information thru our website and mailing designed for people who have suffered a loss.



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Mission Statement:
Hospice Cleveland County exists to provide high quality skilled compassionate care and support for individuals with a life-limiting illness, their families, and the community, regardless of their ability to pay.


As an organization that values people, we will strive to live this mission by believing in the following: human dignity, compassion, dedication, integrity, stewardship, leadership, service and excellence. A continuous effort to improve our service to our community is our primary goal.


Vision Statement:
Hospice Cleveland County envisions a future where everyone with a life-limiting illness in Cleveland County and nearby communities has access to hospice care at home or in a home-like setting.



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