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Mission Statement:
Hospice Cleveland County exists to provide high quality skilled compassionate care and support for individuals with a life-limiting illness, their families, and the community, regardless of their ability to pay.


As an organization that values people, we will strive to live this mission by believing in the following: human dignity, compassion, dedication, integrity, stewardship, leadership, service and excellence. A continuous effort to improve our service to our community is our primary goal.


Vision Statement:
Hospice Cleveland County envisions a future where everyone with a life-limiting illness in Cleveland County and nearby communities has access to hospice care at home or in a home-like setting.


Nursing services – providing intermittent and as–needed visits at frequencies defined in the plan of care, with 24–hour on-call availability for emergencies.

Social Work services – conducts psychosocial assessment of the needs of the patient/family, intermittent and ongoing counseling related to death and dying, and assistance with use of appropriate community services and resources.

Spiritual counseling – providing support and serving as liaison with patient/family clergy and other community-based clergy.


Hospice Aides – providing personal care services to patients on an intermittent basis.

Volunteer services – covering a broad range of activities that are supervised by the Volunteer Services Coordinator.

Ancillary services – including dietary counseling, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc., as deemed appropriate.

Bereavement counseling – counseling for survivors, generally for up to a year following the death of the patient.


Hospice Cleveland County provides care for persons of all ages. Some of the illnesses our patients
have are:


• Dementia

• Non-Specific Terminal Illness

• Failure to Thrive

• Heart Disease
• Parkinson’s Disease

• Cancer


• Pulmonary Disease

• Huntington’s Disease
• Chronic Degenerative Neurologic Disease           

• Liver Disease     

• Renal Failure     

• Stroke or Coma

Administrative Office
Phone: 704.487.4677
Fax: 704.481.8050
Wendover Hospice House
Testa Family Hospice House
Phone: 704-751-3918